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Richard E. Lelli, P.E., M.B.A.
Founder & CEO, Air Thermal, Inc.
BSME, Georgia Tech -- Mechanical Engineering
Highest Honors, National Honors & Dean's List

Our mission is both to develop the global Air Thermal brand that is registered with the USPTO (registration numbers 3753190, 3757141) and to ensure our Global Brand remains in the United States and partners with emerging democracies, such as Brazil & India. Before creating the global Air Thermal brand, I created Verizon Communication's Finance & Business Modeling for its e-Commerce unit, as well as streamlined its weekly eCommerce report from 5-7 days to 3 days with fewer errors for Executive Management. Prior to obtaining licensure in Professional Engineering (Florida P.E. Lic# 68285), I started my career as a technician in the industry, pursuing an Associate in Applied Science degree while operating a Mechanical Contracting business. Today, I'm one of the few Federally Certified & Licensed Professional Engineers and Mechanical Contractors that started a career as a technician and, more importantly, worked as a Mechanical Contractor while obtaining my Engineering and M.B.A. degrees -- I have proven Fortune 10 credentials both in Engineering Management and in Management Consulting. As a result of my hands-on technical experience and professional credentials, your organization would benefit not only from my engineering & management consulting experience but also from my expert witness litigation credentials.

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