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             COVID-19 STATEMENT FROM AIR THERMAL, INC                   

To help prevent Covid-19 from spreading in Homes, Businesses, and Schools, Air Thermal, Inc. recommends using UV light and Ionization technology to neutralize the virus throughout HVAC Systems – the test results can be seen at:                     



HVAC Systems or Air Conditioning Systems circulate molds, bacteria, and viruses that include Covid-19 and its variants, especially when relative humidity levels are higher than 50 to 60% ª, which is the comfort level for humans -- Especially worrisome are non-ventilated elevators, non-ventilated houses & buildings that are subjected to SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) and BRI (Building-Related Illnesses), vehicles, airplanes, transport buses, bars, and restaurantsᵇ.

More Importantly, even ventilated homes and buildings are subjected to Airborne Contaminates, like molds, bacteria, and viruses in Air Conditioning Systems that are scaled down to as low as 0.1 μm (SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus ≈ 0.1 μm)ᶜ; indeed, CO² molecules, for example, are 0.33nm in diameter – several orders of magnitude smaller than ALL CORONAVIRUSES and readily circulate throughout HVAC Systems. -- One technology that has been documented in University Case Studies (Link Below) funded by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) to reduce molds, bacteria, and viruses are self-cleaning ionizers, carbon fiber brushes, and ultra-violet light utilizing an enhanced zinc ceramic catalyst for superior bacteria and virus reductionᶜ; in fact, this technology, along with HEPA filtration is used in hospitals, schools, medical facilities, planes, and residential homes to mitigate mold, bacteria, and virus transmission in humans.

Richard E. Lelli, P.E. – HVAC & Refrigeration / Fluid & Thermal Systems Engineer

Air Thermal, Inc. offers air conditioning products & services ranging from central air conditioning to package terminal air conditioning (PTAC) units for residential customers, convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, health care organizations, and government facilities. Whether your home, business, or organization requires an AC contractor or an AC engineer, we're uniquely qualified to service all your needs.

Central Air Conditioning - combined with a gas furnace, central air conditioning is an attractive solution for our homes & businesses. Unlike heat pumps, gas furnaces provide heated air to the conditioned space that is 30 to 40 degrees warmer.

Geothermal - Higher efficiencies are achieved with geothermal heat pumps (GHPs), which transfer cooling between your house or building and the ground or a nearby water source. Whether a ground-source heat pump or water-source heat pump, GHPs use the constant temperature of the earth as the heat exchange medium instead of unstable outside air. This allows the system to reach fairly high efficiencies (300%-600%) on the hottest of summer days to the coldest of winter nights; in addition, heat recovery from GHPs can eliminate the need for separate water heaters and boilers. Although the installation price of a geothermal system is more expensive than that of an air-source system, the additional costs are returned to you in energy savings in 2 to 4 years -- In fact, a geothermal heat pump is cost competitive with high-end air source heat pumps -- with superior efficiencies. Whether your home or organization requires an air conditioning contractor or an air conditioning engineer, we're uniquely qualified to service all your geothermal heat pump requirements.

Ductless Air Conditioning - Ductless mini-split systems combine the flexibility of room air conditioners with the whole house cooling of central systems. Duct distribution and fan losses can amount to as much as 50% or more, making ductless air conditioning a cost effective and efficient solution for homes & businesses.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) - PTACs provide cost effective zone-control air conditioning for homes, hotels, & businesses. PTAC's range from small room units to large commercial systems.